Choosing a career can feel like a big commitment. Internships are a great way to ‘try it before you buy it.’

You can explore different fields and jobs, test your knowledge and gain new skills. You can also meet people who can mentor you, teach you things, or serve as crucial connections later in your career.

Most undergrads do an internship in their 4 years at MIT. Hundreds of them choose to do internships abroad, which adds an extra layer of value. International internship experience can set you apart from the crowd by showing that you are ready to accept the extra challenges that come with cross-cultural dynamics and even different languages.

Most international internships at MIT are managed by the MIT International Science and Technology Initiatives, or MISTI. MISTI’s global network of corporations, universities and research institutes positions them to place students in interesting, all-expense paid internships and even teaching roles all over the world. MISTI isn’t the only resource on campus, however; other networking paths can result in internships around the globe.