Get Ready: Money

Going abroad is an affordable and worthwhile investment in yourself and your future.

It’s hard to measure the value of a life-changing experience – although some have tried. You develop skills abroad that you can’t get at home. Seeing a field of study or work from different cultural perspectives deepens your understanding of it, and the confidence and independence involved in global travel are marks of leadership. Employers often report seeing international experience as a bonus, which can give you a leg up in the job search. What’s it worth to gain some insight and set yourself apart?

Because of the value of global experiences, MIT is committed to trying to make these experiences affordable. Here are just some of the ways going abroad is supported at MIT:

  • Academic departments sometimes have funds to cover certain travel expenses.
  • Financial aid is portable for any semester(s) of study abroad.
  • MISTI's programs are all-expense paid, as are some other opportunities.
  • International research can be funded in a number of ways.
  • Grants and fellowships support service work abroad.
  • Various scholarships exist for experiences of all kinds. Some are managed by MIT, others by external sources.

The best way to figure out what kind of funding is available is to ask. A few major funding resources are included here, but global program staff will have more in-depth and current knowledge on the best ways to make going abroad an affordable reality.

Funding Resources:
MISTI opportunities are all-expenses-paid
Global Education: Funding Study Abroad
MIT Center for International Studies Fellowship Database
UROP Direct Funding
PSC Internships and Fellowships
PSC Grants
IDEAS Global Challenge (up to $10,000 for service projects)
Distinguished Fellowships (like the Rhodes, Gates, Truman and Fulbright)